Cally Purple

Cally Purple

Meconopsis  ‘Cally Purple’ 

Fertile Blue Group   MG No 112

Raised by M. Wickenden and registered by E. Stevens, 2015

Young green leaves of M. 'Cally Purple'Emerging young leaves showing
white-tipped hairs.

The pale purple-mauve flowers croppedThe pale purple-mauve flower with long, narrow style and prominent stigma.

Young ellipsoid fruit capsule with straw coloured bristles.Young ellipsoidal fruit capsule with straw-coloured bristles.

Basal leaf showing shallow teethBasal leaf showing shallow teeth.


Meconopsis ‘Cally Purple’ has soft purple to mauve flowers. It was selected by Michael Wickenden of Cally Gardens in Kirkcudbrightshire from a large planting of Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’, grown for seed, and propagated by division only.


Three to four open, saucer-shaped flowers, mauve-purple in colour, arise from the false whorl. They can be half nodding or face sideways. Each flower usually has four ovate petals with a frilled undulating margin.

The emerging young leaves are pale green and are covered with white-tipped hairs. The oblong mature leaves have a few shallow teeth along the margin. The fruit capsule is ellipsoidal and covered with straw-coloured bristles. The style is long and narrow with a prominent stigma.

Although placed in the Fertile Blue Group, this cultivar produces few seeds. To maintain the cultivar’s characteristics it should only be propagated by division.

At present it is an uncommon in cultivation. Until it is distributed more widely few nurseries have it, but it can be obtained from Cally Gardens.

Emerging back of flower showing more buds. Emerging back of flower showing more buds. 

Three to four flowers arising from the false