Meconopsis ‘Louise’
Fertile Blue Group  MG No 35
Named by L. Newby, 1999. Registered by The Meconopsis Group, 2007

Neatly toothed leaf 300wNeatly

Single pale blue flowerSingle pale blue flower.

The narrow ellipsoid fruit capsuleThe narrow,
ellipsoidal fruit

Young leaves showing reddish-purple pigmantationYoung leaves showing dense hairs and
reddish-purple pigmentation.

Mature basal leavesMature basal leaves.

Meconopsis ‘Louise’ has flat, pale blue flowers. It was selected by Les Newby, a member of The Meconopsis Group, from a batch of ‘Lingholm’ seedlings and named after his granddaughter in 1999.

Although a member of the Fertile Blue Group it produces few seeds and should only be propagated by division.


The emerging leaves have a faint reddish-purple pigmentation and are densely covered with long, pale brown, white-tipped hairs. They soon lose the pigmentation, becoming green. The leaves are upright. Mature leaves have a long petiole with neatly serrated teeth at the margins.

The squarish flowers are flat and a paler blue than most other cultivars with four ovate petals, which overlap at the base. Their squarish appearance is more noticeable from the rear. There are usually two to four flowers coming from the false whorl.

The fruit capsule is narrow and ellipsoidal and densely covered with pale straw, white-tipped bristles. The stigma is large and rounded.

The cultivar forms large clumps and can be easily divided. although it can be a little brittle. The flowering season can be from late May to early June.
This cultivar is available from specialist nurseries.

Square pale blue flowersFlower stem showing the pale blue
‘square’ flower.

Brittle stems and the long petioled leavesClump of Meconopsis ‘Louise’ showing
brittle stems with long petioled leaves.