Blue torquise flowers

Meconopsis ‘Mildred’
Fertile Blue Group MG No 34
Award PC (2013)
Named and registered by The Meconopsis Group, 2011

Young leaves with white tipped hairsYoung leaves with white-tipped hairs.

Mature leavesMature leaves.

Single flower with ovate overlapping petalsSingle flower with ovate, overlapping petals.

Fruit capsule - with brown white tipped hairsFruit capsule with
brown, white-tipped

Meconopsis ‘Mildred’ is an early-flowering plant with distinctive, pale turquoise-blue flowers. The original plant was bought by Jim and Mildred Thompson at a plant stall at Auchtermuchty market in Fife. They propagated the clone by division over many years and gave a piece to Evelyn Stevens in 2004. Subsequently, in 2011, The Meconopsis Group named it ‘Mildred’. It is thought that this clone originated from ‘Lingholm’.


The flowers, opening in early May, are an outstanding pale turquoise-blue. Three to four flowers, with four overlapping ovate petals, usually arise from the false whorl. The flowers are forward facing to half nodding and saucer-shaped. The early flowers can be damaged by late spring frosts so this clone is best planted in a sheltered position.

The young upright leaves emerge early and are densely covered with brown, white-tipped hairs. The green mature leaves have a long petiole and a paddle-shaped blade with a pale whitish midrib. The margin has 5-9 even teeth on each side.

The fruit capsule is narrow and ellipsoidal. It is covered with dense, spreading, white-tipped bristles. A few seeds are produced in the capsule but to maintain the distinctive colour of the flowers this clone should only be propagated by division. It will easily form clumps.

The plant can be found be found in specialist nurseries.

Pale blue torquoise flowersMeconopsis ‘Mildred’ in a garden setting.

Front and back of flower.Front and back of flower.