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How to grow

How to grow Meconopsis

When people see Meconopsis flowering, they want to grow them – but they have a reputation of being difficult to grow. However, growing some of these plants may be a lot easier than you think!

The Meconopsis Group wants many people to have the pleasure of growing such wonderful plants, and in doing so help to maintain and conserve them in cultivation, for both study and enjoyment. So here we share our knowledge and experience. We welcome your feedback, so please contact us if you have some useful experience to offer.

Our information about the cultivation of Meconopsis is organised into three sections, of which the one on propagation has separate pages on vegetative propagation (division of plants) and raising plants from seed. There are links to all of these pages from the text below.

Growing Meconopsis in the garden

Many people just want to grow Meconopsis plants, to enjoy their flowers. They thrive in areas of high humidity and dislike drying out. They are also very hungry plants and dislike full sun. In the Growing Meconopsis section we give some ideas about how to maximise your chances of success in growing them. We also suggest some of the easiest ones to try, and some for when you are more ambitious. There are some that so far have proved impossible to keep – so if you succeed with them, we would really like to hear from you.

Propagating Meconopsis

How to propagate particular kinds of Meconopsis depends on whether they are perennial or monocarpic (dying after they flower), and on whether they are fertile or sterile. Perennial Meconopsis, including the famous big, blue poppies, are suitable for propagation by division. Some of these ones are fertile, and so propagation from seed is also possible. Raising plants from seed is the only option for the monocarpic Meconopsis.  

What can go wrong?

As with any plants, things can go wrong. On our Pests, diseases and other challenges page we introduce you to these, and tell you how to avoid them.  


We also have a list of nurseries that sell a good selection of Meconopsis, so that you can get started.