The Meconopsis Group

Group membership

The Meconopsis Group membership is open to anyone with an interest in the genus Meconopsis. We currently have about 240 members worldwide and offer various levels of membership.

Membership currently costs £12 per annum for UK and overseas members. Membership allows members to choose 10 packets of seed from the seed exchange at no additional charge excluding Japan and New Zealand. Membership will renew annually on the anniversary of joining.

At the membership / login area of our website you can join the group, or if you are already a member you can log in, and then renew your membership, check your personal data and access members’ resources.

For anyone studying botany or horticulture at college we offer a two-year, free student membership If this is of interest to you, or you may be a tutor and have students who may qualify, please contact The Group Secretary for further information.

Because of a generous donation we are also able to offer a two-year free membership to those who may just be starting out in their horticultural/botany careers, who were not previously student members. If this is of interest to you, or you may like further information, or may know of someone who may qualify please let us know by contacting The Group Secretary. We also offer supported membership (see below).

We have ‘honorary’ members, appointed because of their contribution to the Genus, and ‘complimentary’ members who assist the Group on a day-to-day basis.


Benefits of Membership

Access to the Members’ Area of the web site, which contains a complete documented archive of the Group.

Attendance at Group meetings and access to reports of the meetings.

Participation in the Group’s Meconopsis seed exchange.

Opportunities to purchase less common species and cultivars.

Contact with like-minded enthusiasts.

M. quintuplinervia

Supported Membership

Supported membership is available to overseas members who may not be able to afford membership, particularly those who live in countries where Meconopsis plants are native.

There is no charge for supported membership, but for your membership to continue beyond two years you will be expected to contribute to the Group in some way. You can make valuable contributions by providing information about distribution of species, supplying photographs, contributing to our Forum or Facebook page, or perhaps providing samples for DNA study, seeds, or helping members who visit your countries.

If you are interested in being a supported member or wish to support someone, please contact The Group Secretary for further information.