Meconopsis Species Gallery

In this part of The Meconopsis Group website, we aim to display photographs of all Meconopsis species, subspecies and wild hybrids. On each page the first section shows key identification features, the second has photographs taken in the wild and the third is for plants grown in cultivation.

Taxonomy is based on Christopher Grey-Wilson’s book ‘Meconopsis’ and will be updated to include newly described species, subspecies and name changes. A list of species may be found on the left of this page; white text indicates those for which photographs may be viewed by clicking on the species name. Grey text indicates species for which we currently have no photographs. Recent additions are indicated in green.

We thank all photographers who have contributed images and invite others to do so, by email or WeTransfer to:

Please include the relevant supporting information as shown for images already in the gallery. The copyright of each photograph remains that of the photographer, from whom written permission must be obtained before use for any purpose other than personal study.