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Research Seed

Seed from a form of a species (e.g. Meconopsis baileyi ‘Hensol Violet’) should breed true, within the range of natural variation.  However, Big Blue Poppies which, probably, are hybrids (e.g. Meconopsis Jimmy Bayne) tend not to breed true from seed and usually produce inferior plants.  True plants of Meconopsis ‘Jimmy Bayne’ can only be produced from vegetative divisions - a slow process, which explains why named clones are expensive.

Until 2016 the Meconopsis Group seed exchange did not include such seed as there was the possibility that, through human error, these inferior seedlings might get passed on, misnamed as the original clone plant, which could undo years of hard work by the Meconopsis Group.  At the same time it was recognised that the seed could be important for selectively breeding a superior plant, which might be of such quality as to merit being a named clone in its own right.

Meconopsis Group Seed (MGS#) for research and hybridising purposes, currently are:

MGS#100       Seed from M. ‘Jimmy Bayne’ (GSG)

MGS#101       Seed from M. ‘Barney’s Blue’ (GSG?)

MGS#102       Seed from M. ‘Willie Duncan’ (distinct)

MGS#103       Seed from M. ‘Great Glen’ (distinct)

MGS#104       Seed from M. ‘Harry Bush’ (FBG, but does not breed true)

MGS#105       Seed from M. ‘Mop-head’ (FBG, but does not breed true)

MGS#106       Seed from M. ‘Evelyn’ (FBG, but does not breed true)

MGS#107       Seed from M.  ‘Inverewe’ (source A. B.)

MGS#108       Seed from M.  ‘Inverewe’ (source M. A.)

MGS#109       Seed from M.  ‘Marit’ (IBG)

MGS#110       Seed from M.  ‘Louise’ (FBG, but does not breed true)

MGS#111       Seed from M.  ‘Ascreavie’ (GSG)

MGS#112       Seed from M.  ‘James Aitken’ (IBG)

MGS#113       Seed from M.  ‘Huntfield’ (GSG)

MGS#114       Seed from M.  ‘Mervyn Kessell’ (IBG)

MGS#115       Seed from M.  ‘Steve McNamara’ (FBG, but does not breed true)

MGS#116       Seed from M.  ‘Bryan Conway’ (IBG) 

MGS#117       Seed from M.  ‘Dalemain’ (GSG)

MGS#118       Seed from M.  ‘Crarae’ (IBG) 

MGS#119       Seed from M.  ‘Dorothy Renton’ (IBG)

MGS#120       Seed from M.  ‘Slieve Donard’ (IBG)

MGS#121       Seed from M.   'P.C. Abildgaard' (IBG)

MGS#122        M. 'David Smith' (FBG, but unlikely to breed true)

MGS#123        M. 'Stuart Pawley' (FBG, but unlikely to breed true)

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