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Meconopsis Rudis  

Poppy Girl
Active Member

I have been growing this as Meconopsis Rudis.  Only managed to get one to flowering this year. 

Posted : 31/07/2020 1:54 pm
Eminent Member

Its a nice we plant Sharon.

The leaves certainly look like M. rudis, but i alwasy theough the anthers were white? I had a look in teh Chris Grey Wilson Book and it seems to be very close to M. bijiangensis. Take a look Page 271. as the anthers and stamens look exactly like your plant. Even the leaves with the broad winges petiole seem good

take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Posted : 03/08/2020 9:13 pm
Margaret Thorne
New Member

Meconopsis rudis and M. bijiangensis are very closely related and both have filaments which are the same colour as the petals or darker. Chris Grey-Wilson states in his book 'The prime and over-riding difference in the two species can be observed in the centre of the flower: in M. rudis the filaments are spreading and linear, while in M. balangensis the inner filaments are inflated like tiny sausage balloons and curved inwards to enclose the ovary.'

Posted : 27/08/2020 3:21 pm